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Specializing in a High Level Training Approach to Security Guard and Firearms Certification, Required by the State of California!


The mission of High Level Security Training, is to provide a higher level of instruction and training to individuals, who are seeking required certification by the state of California to become security guards.  This is accomplished through hands on training, and by utilizing more of a one on one interaction with the trainee.


The HLST Instructor, Tony R. Castillo, JR., possesses an extensive background in law enforcement and armed security, along with possessing a high level of firearm skills and tactical training.  With these acquired skills and training, the HLST Instructor has been able to produce a more thorough approach to certifying individuals who want to become unarmed security guards, and armed security guards.  This type of approach to training will insure the trainee is properly trained and educated, as to what type of authority the individual will retain as an unarmed, and armed security officer.


Individuals who are seeking certification and training, to obtain exposed firearm permits through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, will be introduced to a more realistic and proper approach to firearms training for armed security officers.  Upon completion, trainees will be familiar in the use of proper defensive firearm tactics for armed security officers and the authority to use deadly force as an armed security officer.


In addition, High Level Security Training administers firearms safety training for Orange County individuals, wishing to obtain the Basic Firearms Safety Certificate.  This basic handgun safety certificate is required for individuals wishing to purchase a firearm in the state of California.


Private citizens can also request one on one training for basic firearms familiarization, and firearm’s defensive training.